Corona virus quarantine: 10 ideas for making the most of your time at home

Staying at home because of corona virus: what is the best way to spend this time?

Kindergartens and schools close, events are canceled and more and more people work in the home office: With the arrival of the corona virus in Germany, our everyday life has already changed drastically. People who may or have been diagnosed with the coronavirus will be placed in home quarantine unless they need hospital treatment. And even healthy people should prefer to stay at home to prevent infection.

So right now we’re spending a lot of time at home – and that could be even more in the next few days. We have put together ten ideas to make the most of this time.

  1. Make the spring cleaning

If you spend a lot of time in your own four walls, you want to have it as nice as possible. So how about an extended spring cleaning? If you are constantly on the move, it quickly goes down that the windows could be cleaned and the kitchen cupboards wiped out – now the perfect opportunity for all these things has come!

If the apartment is really clean, you feel like you’re reborn. Here we have compiled which strategy makes spring cleaning as bearable as possible.

2. Unminthen t-it-all wardrobe and apartment

This, too, is a task that brings relief and satisfaction: use the time to separate yourself from old clothes and to eliminate all that you haven’t worn for a long time. After that, you will be very happy about the neatly tidy wardrobe – and then the apartment feels much empty again!

With a few little tricks, it becomes easy to weed out the wardrobe and apartment: Read here how to create order according to the Marie Kondo method.

3.Take time for DIY projects

Whether it’s making macrame, painting watercolors or improving handlettering skills: Have you planned to free up time for a craft hobby before eternity and instead preferred to go to the cinema or restaurant? Now that we have to stay at home anyway, we finally come to such creative projects – and can simply make some spring decorations ourselves.

4. Make your tax return

Yes, even in the age of Corona, this To Do is just annoying – but also the tax return wants and must be made! And if we can’t get to the door anyway, we’ll certainly find it much easier to put the paperwork behind us.

Although the tax return has to be submitted to the tax office by 31 July, what is done is done – and those who file earlier will also receive any repayments earlier!

5. Watch movies and series without a bad conscience

Especially in fine weather you tend to have a bad conscience if you don’t move away from the sofa for hours and do nothing but watch series or movies. But if we have to stay at home anyway, binge-watching finally keeps this bad taste away!

Have you seen everything? Here we show you which codes you can easily use to find even more movies and series on Netflix. By the way: Disney’s streaming service will also be launched at the end of March, making the selection of movies and series even bigger.

6. Finally read a lot again

Also for reading we usually come far too rarely in our fast-paced everyday life. Now is the perfect opportunity to finally work off the growing stack of books on the bedside table and to browse again extensively. If you need reading supplies, you should take a look at these book novelties again.

Corona anxiety also puts a psychological strain on many people. These three books help to recharge your batteries and to bravely face these completely new circumstances. And if there was nothing for you: A list of Amazon’s most successful book bestsellers at the moment can be found here.

7. Make wellness very conscious

Use the time to consciously treat yourself to a pampering day at home: sleep out, take an extensive bath, put on a face mask and make a thorough pedicure. At the moment we should pay particular attention to ourselves and others – and wellness is extremely beneficial for both the body and the soul.

8. Continue to do sports

If you’re used to going to the gym or the park regularly, it’s hard to do without it. Try to complete your sports workload in your own four walls and thus create a balance.

A fast full-body workout is also possible at home without any problems. Here we show you the three best exercises. Yoga can also be done perfectly in your own four walls – this not only strengthens the muscles, but also stretches the body and ensures balance. Have you sat too much? These five yoga exercises help directly against back pain.

9. Meditating and mindfulness

Always squatting at home and as a family can put quite a strain on the nerve costume. Meditating helps to stay calm during this time, because regular meditation provides peace and serenity and works against stress. Here you can find out how to get started with meditation.

Mindfulness is a state of consciousness in which one fully engages with what is happening. We have to accept the current situation and make the most of it – with these mindfulness exercises, it may be easier.

10. Have the courage to get bored

In our hustle and bustle of everyday life, we hardly know the feeling of real boredom any more – but it can be really nice! Just stare out of the window or at the ceiling for a while when you’re after it. Now is the opportunity to slow down and focus on the things that are really important: cohesion, family and health, which I hope will be preserved by the quarantine measures for as many people as possible.