15 things to do at home during Corona Quarantine

1.Reading unread books

At least half of all the books that are on the shelf have not been read. Transitions and postponed until later, you can now simply take five books and thus perhaps make a beautiful literary discovery that has long been within reach. You don’t even have to leave your own four walls. If that is not enough, you can also get inspiration from our list of the 100 Berlin novels that you should have read.

2.Browse old memories

When do you have so much time to revel in old memories?

The world is bad. Everything goes down and over. Pandemic. There is no other issue. What was before it??? The Corona Quarantine is a great opportunity to browse through photo albums and laugh at old memories together. Watching photo albums together is cosy and fun. And remind us that there is so much to look forward to when the crisis is over!

3.Corona quarantine? Spring plaster!

Spring is anyway the time in which you bring the apartment up to scratch, with the time gained you can systematically clean yourself through the rooms and make everything beautifully virus-free and spring-fresh to shine to the last crack. Whether you destroy a few Corona germs by the way is not said, but the feeling of walking through the perfectly cleaned apartment, no one can take away from you. Don’t forget the windows!

4.Fasting for the immune system

Fasting also strengthens the immune system.

If you fast, it’s not always about weight loss. It has been scientifically proven that fasting has various positive effects on health. Among other things, the temporary renunciation of solid food also strengthens the immune system. During the Corona quarantine, there is an unusual amount of time to pay attention to your own diet. And if you’re in the home office, you don’t get a greasy doughnut offered by your colleague. Nevertheless: Do not plunge head over heels into a fasting cure. Healthy people without physical and mental illnesses can consider a fasting cure, but should check with their GP for the time being.

5.Writing a diary

Making your own thoughts and feelings can help with emotional overwork.

If we are not in a pandemic, we are far too seldom able to reflect on our everyday life and our thoughts. Get up, work, dinner, Netflix or book, sleep. In an extreme situation like the Corona crisis, we pause again and ask the inner voice – how am I? ” Journaling ” has not become a trend for nothing. Writing a diary can help you live more consciously and bring order to everyday chaos. During home corona quarantine, it can help maintain structure and keep a cool head.

6.Getting the balcony fit

The world is bad, but the weather is all the more beautiful!

It’s a bit ironic: there’s a pandemic. A lot of people are doing badly and they’re scared. The sun, however, does not let itself be fooled and shines full of the Berlin sky this March. At least until the beginning of April, a stable sun-cloud mix is predicted for Berlin, and temperatures around ten degrees. The current house arrest is therefore a good opportunity to make the home balcony fit for spring and summer. Nevertheless, hopefully in 2020 we will not spend more time on balconies than we would like.

7.Renovation, repair, decorating

Quarantine & Home Office: Time to do your home work.

The image that has been leaning against the wall since the flea market visit. The lamp that was never properly hung. The coffee table, which is already held by a stack of books. In every home there are things that are not so beautiful or broken. Which we would like to repair or redesign, but for which time is missing in everyday life. More time at home can therefore be used wonderfully to finally tackle all small, homely construction sites. And when spring is here, everything shines in new splendour.


If you have already cleaned the apartment, you can get to the bottom of it. In the clothes and bookcase there have been shirts and guides around for years, which you will never need again. Even the old DVDs will no longer be inserted in the times of Corona, and I actually need the DVD player. Media, clothes, superfluous kitchen utensils, standing rums and other ballast can finally be thrown off. What does not belong in the garbage can be sold or given away later. Stored in a blue sack or in a moving box, things can wait in the basement for their sensible disposal.

9.Washing and ironing

Why not wash and iron all shirts, blouses, towels and bed linen again nicely. Freshly folded in the cupboard, all this is done well in the freshly cleaned and gutted parlour. An all-round beautiful feeling.

10.Stop smoking

Während der Zeit zuhause, kann man versuchen mit ungeliebten Gewohnheiten zu brechen.

While you tiger through the home office in your pyjamas and get one mail after another from the boss, the workday just doesn’t want to pass. And you just want to get back to the cozy couch quickly. Smokers will know: One boredom cigarette after another quickly creeps in. Otherwise you only smoked with your colleagues at the end of the day… And that’s where the chance lies! There are better options than smoking a cigarette to fill five minutes. So – mica stems in the garbage and look forward to a healthier life after quarantine.

11.Realizing a project

During the Corona quarantine, there are no limits to one’s own creative imagination.

If you have always wanted to write a short story or paint a landscape picture, you can now realize your project. The living room can be converted into a writing room or a studio and there are no limits to creativity. The world is waiting for works like “The Corona Eletia” or “Self-Portrait with Virus”. But fun aside, you don’t have to produce a work of the century, so that you can enjoy your own text or a picture.

12.Call the family

The long-forgotten aunt, the old uncle, the grandparents, the siblings, nephews, the parents or the children call again. Of course, in times of pandemic, we talk to our closest relatives, but there are also family members who are only seen every jubilee year. That is a good thing. But now there would be the possibility to call them again. You can always talk about Corona and if that gets too boring, then your own art project or the tidy apartment would also be worth mentioning.

13.Finally cook yourself again

The smell that spreads in the kitchen after cooking causes a security that is priceless.

One of Berlin’s absolute advantages is culinary diversity. The selection of restaurants with food from all over the world is sometimes overwhelming – and then you can beat your stomach in Berlin for moderate prices. From this point of view, the Corona quarantine offers the chance to finally cook for yourself again – or to learn it. The supermarkets are open and the possibilities are endless: curry, roast and pasta are not a witch’s work, but need concentrated cooks and some love. And the smell that spreads in the kitchen after cooking causes a security that is priceless.

14.Learning something

Well, you might have to turn on the computer for that. Actually, these should be tips without a screen, but on Youtube you will find a guide for almost every topic. The time-out can therefore be used for learning new Spanish vocabulary, a few chords or the high art of meditation. Whoever decides on the last proposal can move on to the next point.

15.Just don’t do anything

Die Welt geht nicht unter, auch wenn es sich wegen Corona manchmal so anfühlt. Entspannung hilft. Foto: unsplash.com

Just don’t think about the pandemic and corona quarantine you’re in. Withdraw and set to deceleration. Turn off your smartphone and computer and really come to rest. Talk to no one, think of nothing. It’s hard, but maybe the pandemic is also a good moment to think about the really important things in life. And if you can’t do that, you can listen to a nice podcast. We’ve compiled a list of recommended podcasts.