10 Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Know | Do & Don’t


There aren’t several laborious and quick rules concerning what to not do throughout your maternity, on the far side abstaining from alcohol and medicines, of course. For the foremost half, you’ll continue with most of your prepregnancy life.

But as a result of the health and safety of your growing baby is important, here’s a listing of eleven things to not do whereas pregnant.

1. Don’t eat these foods

The biggest list of don’ts for pregnant ladies involves food.

During your maternity, you ought to avoid:

Raw meat and shellfish: raw food (we’re observing you, sushi), together with oysters, mussels, and clams. additionally avoid rare or undercooked beef and poultry. These is contaminated with infection or enterics.

Deli meat: shop meats is contaminated with eubacterium, microorganism which will cross the placenta and infect your developing baby. associate degree infection in utero could lead on to septicemia and will be dangerous for your baby.

Fish with high levels of mercury: that features fish like shark, cavalla, swordfish, and tilefish. speculative concerning tuna? generally, canned, chunk lightweight tuna has lower levels of mercury, however it’s still sensible to eat it slenderly.

Smoked seafood: Avoid lox, kippered fish, jerky, or star vogue salmon. There’s a risk that this cold, smoke-cured food can be contaminated with eubacterium. smoke-cured food that’s shelf-safe or canned, however, is perhaps fine.

Raw eggs: This includes foods that contain raw eggs, therefore be cautious of do-it-yourself Caesar dressings, sauce sauces, mayonnaise, and bound custards. Raw eggs will create a risk of enterics.

Soft cheeses: Some foreign soft cheeses will have eubacterium, therefore steer away from soft cheeses like Roquefort, feta, Gorgonzola, Camembert, and Brie. Mexican cheeses like queso whiten and queso fresco ought to even be avoided, unless they’re made up of milk.

Unpasteurized dairy: These product might contain eubacterium.

It looks intensive, however there area unit still many nice nutrition selections throughout your maternity. whereas it’s forever vital to eat a diet, maternity is associate degree particularly essential time. In your daily mail set up, attempt to incorporate:

lean proteins

healthy fats

lots of contemporary vegetables and fruits


2. Don’t paint the nursery

There’s no thanks to live toxicity from actual exposure to color, therefore this recommendation is predicated on the chance of toxicity.

Paint toxicity depends on the individual solvents and chemicals within the paint, furthermore as exposure. whereas it’s assumed that house painting features a low exposure level, the safest course of action is to significantly cut back your exposure to the fumes from these paints.

Even better? notice somebody else to handle the painting.

3. Don’t do it on the caffein

It’s a stimulant and a water pill, which implies drinking your usual few cups of low daily can increase your pressure level, heart rate, and therefore the variety of journeys you create to the public toilet. Plus, caffein crosses the placenta.

While you’ll operate simply fine caffeinated, your growing baby doesn’t. That’s as a result of your baby’s metabolism remains developing.

You don’t have to be compelled to forgo caffein entirely: Moderate levels of caffein, outlined as one hundred fifty to three hundred milligrams (mg) daily, ought to be fine.

Just keep in mind that caffein isn’t simply in tea and occasional. You’ll notice it in chocolate, sodas, and even bound over-the-counter medicines.

4. Don’t take bound medications

Some medications is harmful to your growing baby. Before taking any over-the- counter or prescription medications and supplements, speak to your doctor.

5. Don’t wear stilettos

Stick to heels with a 3-inch heel or less: assume kitten heels, wedges, and platforms. As your belly grows, your center of gravity can amendment. therefore you’ll end up a touch unsteady on your feet. augment that swollen ankles, and you’ll end up living in your flip flops.

6. Don’t hang around within the bathtub or sweat room

If you’re feeling aches and pains throughout your maternity, restful during a bathtub could seem ideal. however associate degree elevated temperature throughout the primary trimester will result in bound birth defects.

Skip the recent tub, that typically maintains a water temperature around 104°F, and check out a heat tub instead.

7. Don’t amendment the clay

If you want to amendment kitty, wear gloves and wash your hands well later on. Cat ordure will carry infection, a rare parasitic malady.

While you’re a lot of seemingly to contract it by intake meat or through husbandry, it’s still an honest plan to own somebody else amendment the cat litter daily.

8. Don’t breathe secondhand smoke

Smoking is terrible for you and your baby, however secondhand smoke is nearly as dangerous. There area unit roughly four,000 chemicals in secondhand smoke, and a few of them are connected to cancer.

Exposure to secondhand smoke throughout your maternity will lead to:


premature delivery

low birth weight

learning or activity problems as your baby grows

sudden sleep apnea syndrome


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9. Don’t drink

Avoid wine, beer, and liquor throughout your maternity. Alcohol passes quickly from your blood through the placenta and funiculus to your baby, and this will hurt your developing baby’s brain and organs.

Other potential risks include:

premature birth

fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

brain harm

birth defects



10. Don’t sit or represent too long

During maternity, staying in same position for too long, sitting or standing, is problematic. It will cause all kinds of issues together with swollen ankles and vein issues.

Try taking short breaks ofttimes to maneuver around if you’ve been sitting, or to place your legs up if you’ve been on your feet.

11. Don’t believe everything you scan

You can notice all varieties of contradictory data on-line, in books, and in magazines. Be cheap, trust your instincts, and keep in mind that fallible on the facet of caution isn’t a nasty plan. If unsure, speak to your doctor.

The takeaway

Remember, you won’t be pregnant forever. hold on there, as all of those restricted foods and activities can before long be obtainable to you once more.

10 Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Know | Do & Don’t